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Wednesday, January 14, 2009 by scott

I am not one whom likes to forward things to people. I do not like to "embed" things either. I like to come up with my own shitty, shitty work. At least then whenupon I go to sleep with my good wife snoring and twitching and elbowing me, I do not have anything to bother me. Except for her incessant moving!

I will, now, make an exception, and you can be sure that I will be getting a poor, poor night's sleep at cause of it! I will now "embed" something into this.

Observe it now, it is short and funny. (THATSWHATSHESAID):

(That video may no longer be available from "hulu". That's the second reason that "embed"ding things terrifies me! They could pull the video at any time and I am at their mercy! If I were to put it on my own "site", they would sue me! Argh upon them and this!)

Note the humor of the video. It combines my two favorite things: Jack McCoy pretending to be serious, and Robots Attacking Old People.

And not just any Robot, but this one is made from a mailbox and some dryer exhaust hose. This is critically important because those are the parts one would use when building a robot from things found around the home. Note that I did not say IN THE HOME! No. So therefore a US Postal Service Outdoor Mail Box could be acquired from "around" the home. Illegally. Do not mistake me as implying that the Postal Service does not mind if you turn one of their Outdoor Mail Boxes into a Robot. They not only mind, but they will arrest you for doing it.

Maybe if you were to win the Nobel Prize (the "Dynamite Concession") for building the Mail-Box-Torsoed Robot they would drop the charges with a remark such as, 'ah, yes, well, now that he's famous we could hardly do anything, well, yes, ah'.

I gravely doubt that you would win the Nobel Prize. I feel relatively assured of that. But feel free to Prove Me Wrong. (<-- That is a link to the top of this page. Don't click it. You won't feel rewarded).

Compulsive clicker. Where were we? (And by "we" I mean "I". Hence by "were" I mean "was").

Oh nuts to this, End Communication.
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  not funny
  Saturday, January 31, 2009 by shelley the Unclever Bitch
  This site
  This site's a bit gay isnt it?
  Friday, February 06, 2009 by Tim- better than Shelley
  @Tim - Better'n Shelly: Only since you've started posting.

(This is getting repetitive. Your comments will be deleted as spam if you post the same thing over and over).
  Friday, February 06, 2009 by scott
  The wonders of Spam
  This site is spam...can you delete it? (This is a rhetorical question, you need not reply)
  Saturday, February 07, 2009 by William Gates
  @William Gates: Hmmm.. A comment to which I need not reply, left by someone using the name of a famous person to get attention? You have certainly given an excellent example of what spam is.

However, my site does not qualify as spam even if you don't like it. Please check out the definition of spam when you have an hour free. (My assumption is that you read and absorb information so slowly that you will require a full hour).
  Saturday, February 07, 2009 by scott
  Wednesday, February 11, 2009 by fred
  You being a fuckin retard
  Whats up gay for robots fuckin dipshit ass licking poof. Did you create that suicide booth yet.
We can all only hope!
Ohh and how is that Star Trek fuck nut doing on your front lawn, im sure that pulls all the ladies inside.

You fuckin looser. Keep eating dicks.
  Monday, March 16, 2009 by Mintred Dicklock
  Let me tell you the correct way to use "who" and "whom." If YOU want to say "who," the correct usage is "whom." If YOU want to say "whom," the correct usage is "who."

It's easier than telling you the actual grammatical rule, since you get it wrong EVERY SINGLE TIME.
  Tuesday, September 28, 2010 by OMFG
  Your Site Design
  Your site design isn't simpler than David's because you "prefer so" or because it's "easier to read". Your site design is simpler because you lack the technical talent.

That is quite apparent with a quick review of your site's structure.

I'm guessing Visual Studio?
  Wednesday, September 29, 2010 by Seasoned Software Engineer
  Bill Gates hates you
  Hey Minterd, Bill Gates thinks your site is rubbish! Does that make you cry? You don't have to answer that.
  Thursday, September 30, 2010 by Paolo Ellan

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