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On the Subject of Anonymously Mocking Co-Workers
Tuesday, May 08, 2007 by scott

Here is yet another cartoon from yet another anonymous guest cartoonist. You've never seen this gentleman's work before, and it is likely you never shall again.

It barely made it to my desk, and it arrived half crumpled, and difficult to understand.

It remains difficult to understand, so I have included the full transcript below as usual.

Also, you can click on it to make it larger.


Man: "Ahhh, I'm a fat fuck and I can't work because I do not feel good."

Boss: "You can go home, but I will charge you only half day, hehe."

Man: Looks at watch. "No way, I will tough it out."

Man leaves and goes "driving home".

At the bakery where you get 24 rolls for the price of 12.

Man: "What a deal! I feel better already!"


I just have some priceless commentary for this cartoon:

a) Where the fuck is the punctuation? I've met the subject of the cartoon, and he doesn't talk in unbroken strings of words.

b) Did he say "looks at watch"? See, I thought he did too, but that didn't make sense so I changed it in the transcript.

c) I'm the first or second one to admit that I can't draw for shit, but I made his car look like a car in "A Day in the Life". It took me a while to figure out which way the car here is facing, although the man appears to be sitting sideways. This is an unwise driving practice, as far as my father taught me.

d) I'm just being an asshole here, this was actually damb funny. It's really what happened, I'll bet.
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  ~Concerning Coprophagia~
  I hanker for a hunka, a slab or slice or chunka, I hanker for a hunka CHEEEESE!!
  Tuesday, May 08, 2007 by Dick E. Shitcock
  You are not funny've got time for this? You have too much time, too little talent...
  Monday, April 05, 2010 by Everybody!
  Mate, you are a loser.
Give it up.
Your beige site is horrific and your content pathetic.

The only reason I am on this sad, sad webpage is because David linked it.

  Wednesday, September 29, 2010 by Bigman

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